I was fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Mr. Cowan a number of years ago, and he has since done several of projects for me. Then I got into a rather unusual circumstance when I got into escrow on a brand new, rather large expensive home in Malibu when it surfaced that the home hadn't received a Certificate of Occupancy. We soon discovered that unlicensed subcontractors built the home and stripping the house down to bare studs was a necessity to make the necessary corrections. In the mean time, I had sold my other house and then it appeared that I was 9 months away for the completion of construction and getting into my new home. To this day, I don't know how he pulled it off, but Mr. Cowan got me into that house in 3 months. Mind you, that was a 10.000 sq ft disaster and now it's a beautiful show piece (which can be seen at www.jeromecowan.com). I would highly recommend to anyone that wants their project done on time and budget to get in touch with him.

We added 4,000 sq ft to our home that was built in 1932. Home is on a three-acre horse ranch with extremely difficult access in and out of the property. Horses and boarders on-site during construction posed an added obstacle that the crew had to work around (and did so with the utmost sensitivity to the animals, I might add). Home is wood frame with a concrete slab. Custom stone work on chimneys and fireplaces. The home is now a showpiece and was an established location on NBC's Las Vegas - it's gorgeous. The home is rock solid - not a single problem. A real testament to good construction! He's honest & he pushes to get the job done on time - Can't say enough good things about the outcome of our relationship and the great job that Jerry did.

We tore down part of our house and added an addition plus a deck. It was a complex job as we added a bedroom/bathroom/laundry room/garage under the existing house. The existing kitchen (which was later remodeled also) was put up on pylons while underneath was dug out for the new bedroom, bathroom and garage. New HVAC, floors, electrical, etc was all upgraded to match the new construction. We also built a deck that cantilevers over the canyon. There were 6 60-foot pylons installed. It was as complex a remodel as you can imagine. This project turned out to be bigger than I imagined but it came in on time and on budget. Jerry Cowan made it possible for us to live in the house during the remodel, which was nine months in duration. I can't imagine having a better experience with a contractor.

We added 1200 square feet to our existing home of which 800 were upstairs and 400 was downstairs. The house was remodeled inside and out. The stucco was removed, earthquake retrofitted, insulated and stucco was re-applied. New roof, some new drywall, house was repainted. We changed doors, baseboards, door casings and crown molding. We added many interior and exterior lights. 3 bathrooms were remodeled. Work took place from August 2005 to January 2006 inclusive.

We had a wonderful experience with a very knowledgeable contractor who treated us honestly and fairly throughout the construction. Jerome provided all necessary licenses and insurance. He was prompt and kept the tradesman on track and finished when he said he would. The quality of work was excellent and he kept on budget. When my wife and I added an extra it was bid fairly and completed professionally. The subcontractors were professional and friendly. When we deviated from the original set of plans to change a door or position a window it was not a problem. We feel that he truly wanted to keep us happy. We highly recommend him.

Jerry built for us a new very large and detailed redwood deck, patio cover, bicycle and lawn equipment building. Our back yard looks like a showpiece! His ability to design and build is amazing. On this project, Jerry demonstrated his personal attention to detail that is vital to design flow. The project was finished on time and under budget. We are looking forward to having friends and family over this summer to enjoy our beautiful deck.

The estimate process went well, we became very comfortable with Jerry. He had good ideas and was very budget minded. The project started when he said it would and he kept us informed during the process. He was always available to meet with us and returned phone calls promptly. We were very pleased with all the workmen as they took good care in protecting our property. We have a lot of work done at our house and I can't remember anyone as professional as Jerry. We are so pleased with the job; we would recommend him to anyone.

We employed Mr. Cowan for an extensive remodel/addition to our home. The job was complicated and lasted about a year during which Jerry ran it smoothly and expeditiously; the infrequent delays were the result of manufacturing or shipping problems over which he had no control, and he tried to rectify them quickly. He did his own framing, as well as certain other parts of the job, and my wife referred to him as an "artist." His subcontractors were excellent and we developed good relationships with all of them. We chose to remain in the house throughout most of the construction - although I wouldn't necessarily recommend this for everyone - and the premises were kept remarkably clean and safe. He was always fair in his pricing and submitted fully documented backup for his invoices. Further, he stuck to his original pricing and what change orders there were, and there are bound to be some in this complex a job, were generated by our changes in design or fixtures. We (and our dog) developed a warm relationship with Jerry and I highly recommend him.