Jerome Cowan did not set out to become a General Contractor, but his customers are certainly glad he ended up there. He started out in college studying architecture and working as a mason's laborer. The cold winters of the Midwest drove him indoors to manage a grocery store. It may have been warmer indoors, but it wasn't comfortable for him. It was at this time that he realized he was meant to be outdoors, getting his hands dirty. This turned out to be the perfect career for him and he has never looked back. Being outdoors and active, coupled with the creative outlet of the job, topped off with the completion of a project resulting in his clients complete satisfaction; it has been the most rewarding profession he could have chosen.

Jerome started in construction in 1975 and became licensed in September of 1979. He started as a framing contractor for the first 10 years of his license, then moved into General Contracting. In recent years, he completes one very large project per year, surrounded by three to four smaller projects. Although he enjoys the challenge of remodeling large homes, he also appreciates the variety of smaller projects.

Jerome has managed a thriving business for 30+ years due to his "hands on" approach and his focus on communication between himself and his clients, as well as working closely with architects. He understands that most problems that arise on projects can be avoided through effective communication. Any other problems that do come up, he is able to handle quickly and efficiently because he works at his job sites full-time. He prides himself in being more of a "blue collar" contractor, that still enjoys swinging a hammer when needed, rather than shuffling papers behind a desk while a supervisor is in the field.

Being American bred and born, Jerome strives to uphold the traditional values of starting a project on time, finishing on time and on budget and walking away from his happy clients feeling like a part of their family. The personal attention he gives to each project and the time he spends with his clients through the course of each job translates to a quality product and satisfied clients. Most of his new clients find him through referral. He uses his referral rate as an indicator of his own integrity, knowing that one of his former clients was pleased enough with his work to risk their own reputation.

Over the years and the various size and types of projects, Jerome has established relationships with local architects and other industry professionals. Whether you have plans in hand, or have just conceived of the idea for your project, He will connect you with the right people and walk you through the steps to bring the project to the next phase. Not only is he a man driven by his integrity, he has worked with enough people to know who is the right person for every job, that will finish on time, on budget with a quality result.